Primeline VNE Services

As logistics experts, we understand the business requirements of customers and guarantee these are met effectively and within budget. We are pleased to offer the following range of services to our clients.

Supply Chain Management

Primeline VNE professionally manage all elements in the flow of materials from the supplier to its final destination.

Inventory Management

Customer specific inventory control system. VNE Logistics understands its critical importance to management of a company's operation.

Vendor Hubing

PVendor hubing and remote merge of materials from different suppliers can be arranged, before delivery to their final destination.

Supplier Management

Management of suppliers, especially in relation to stock replenishment can be carried out in conjunction with our Inventory Control System.

Pick & Pack

Repacking and labelling services.

Reverse Logistics

A complete spares management service which includes overseas shipment (air and sea) and all customs clearance requirements.

Waste Management

Facilities are available for all waste disposals including hazardous waste while taking into account health and safety aspects. VNE Logistics provide specialist consultancy services in the area of waste management.

Turnkey Solutions

Installation, reinstallations and testing of equipment.

Outsource Solutions

Professional and comprehensive consultancy on outsource solutions for company's operating supply chain functions.